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The alternative to mainstream fitness

You want to be fit, but traditional fitness has let you down. Don’t be ignored by your gym.

Experience individualized fitness at the gym where you truly belong.

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  • Fitness built
    just for you

    Combining technology with individualized coaching to customize your workouts and guide you every step of the way.

    How it works
  • Burn fat, build strength, feel amazing

    Strength and cardio conditioning plus personalized nutrition to reshape your body from the inside out.

    The benefits
  • Memberships tailored to you

    Whatever your goals, we have a coaching plan and a membership type that’s just right for you.


People just like you changing their lives

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"After trying (and failing at) several fitness options, I found Koko FitClub, and there was no turning back. I love that the workouts are fully explained and guided by the club’s digital screens, and that the FitCoaches are there to help you as much or as little as you’d like – it’s all about YOU! And, since everything’s managed digitally, your workouts are automatically stored and tracked, allowing you to see progress over time. Beyond experiencing weight loss and clothing fitting better, you can see a numerical representation of how your body has changed and the strength you’ve gained! "

Ben R.

Koko Fitclub of
Cary, NC

1105 Tryon Village Dr, Suite 302, Cary, NC 27518

Monday 8AM-12PM and - 4PM-8PM

Tuesday 8AM-12PM and - 4PM-8PM

Wednesday 8AM-12PM and - 4PM-8PM

Thursday 8AM-12PM and - 4PM-8PM

Friday 8AM - 12PM only

Saturday 8AM - 12PM only

Sunday By Appointment Only -

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1105 Tryon Village Dr, Suite 302, Cary, NC 27518